Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Iphone & Math

N is almost addicted to iphone. It doesnt help that this mummy is also quick to shove it to him whenever she needs him to be quiet and still. However, the fortunate thing is this mummy was wise enough to download only educational stuff on the phone. So much so that the boy is also learning as he is playing.

I downloaded this application some time back. But somehow N was never interested in it...until recently. N gets to trace the numbers from 1-10 as guided by the application. I had an overdue plan to help N learn to write numbers but could never get his interest, somehow this application helped to fulfill my desire! So effortless on my part!

At the same time, i got him this book so that he can practise his handwriting techniques

I especially like this book because unlike other books, the numbers are big- easier for a toddler like N.


  1. u know we don't have such books here! i must buy TONS when i get back!

  2. Truth is, you can download these for free on the net. There's ALOT of them. Unless you are lazy like me, don't waste money!!


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