Sunday, July 18, 2010


Continuing from my previous rambling...

I said i plan to 'crash course' everything i can teach to N before he turns 5. Well, it does sound very 'kiasu' and ambitious doesn't it?

I dread to think what life would be like when N enters Primary school, or rather Kindergarten. Judging from the students today, it's going to be lots of homework and probably enrichiment/tuition classes. I have seen Primary school students jumping from one tuition class after another only to go home to do school homework AND tuition homework. I hate the idea that his life would be swarmed with homework, test etc and i really don't like the idea of topping his already hectic schedule with more tuition.

I aim to free N from any academic enrichment/tuition classes when he is in school- if i can help it. Hence, i plan to make use of his first 5 years- a period where learning is effortless and easy (and fun) for N (compared to older kids). Right now, N absorbs anything and everything i teach him- all with minimal effort/slogging on his part. And he believes that learning is fun- that makes him very eager to learn new things. Rather than panic and send him to various tuiton classes when he is older and perhaps less teachable. I just don't want to be like those 'kiasu' parent who sends their kids to endless tuition classes. My husband and i agree that if we were to send N to any enrichment classes it'd be more like Sports, music or arts i.e. whatever area he is interested in. I want him to go for 'extra' classes that help relieve his stress,  not to add on to it.

As to letting him be... i think i am letting him be. By teaching i mean i will expose him to the subjects but it's really up to him to decide if he wants to pursue it. If he shows no interest, i will by no means force it onto him. Yes, in that sense, i am letting him be. 

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