Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hundred Board

Inspired by The adventures of Bear (and plus its Maths week), i got N to do the Hundred board today. To make it easier for him, i sorted the numbers in 10s and slotted them into an ice cube tray (also got this idea from The adventures of bear). I took them out in 10s so that N won't have to spend time looking for a particular number.

I wonder if it is a must for N to arrange the number in sequence. I think he actually saw a common pattern. For instance, when doing the 40-ish row, instead of starting with the number 41, he'd randomly take the say, no. 48 piece and slot it under the number 38, and then he'd take no. 45 piece and placed it under the 35 piece. Eventually, i got him to do it in sequence which he could, but i do think its also a good thing that he could arrange in random order.

I did recommend this to him before but he wasn't interested. I guess he's ready to do it today because he arranged the numbers from 1 all the way to 60 in one sitting. I suggested that we stopped as i saw that he was getting bored. I'll keep the board as it is and we'll do the remaining some time soon.

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