Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yummy Food

N is a really picky eater. If possible, he would do away with his 3 meals and just live on water. No kidding. In all his 4 years, he has NEVER told us he's hungry. The only stuff he would ask for are all the unhealthy snacks like sweets- before you jump into any conclusion, we don't give in to his request for sweets easily either.

Anyway, in our very feeble attempt to make him eat more, my husband & i went in search for books on eating & eating the right food. We borrowed a couple and read them to him last 2 weeks. He has basically learnt the food pyramid, what are the food he should eat more, what less, how different food benefit  him in varying ways etc

So to drill into him what we have read, i did up the chart above. It's basically categorizing the food, which food gives us fibre, which calcium, protein etc and how each help our body.

While, it has certainly helped him to understand why we need to eat, it hasn't helped in his picky eating ways. BLEH!


  1. tell me about it, Max is mr picky as well, just the opposite of his sister!

  2. T is equally picky with food so i can relate..bleh bleh bleh.

  3. I tell you N eats so little that he can still fit into his 18month old pants, and he's already 4! And the worst punishment I've ever given to the boy was not because of behavior issues but it was for his picky eating ways! I've kindda given up but my husband is still trying his hardest to beef up the boy!


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