Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Division by 2

As soon as i learnt that division is repeated subtraction, i came up with an activity just to show N this fact.

I prepared the division cards.

We first explored the set on division by 2 with the help of our Mathematical cubes. Here the equation is 6 divide by 2. I asked N how many cubes to take out in total, we determined that it was 6. He also figured out that we have to count by 2 i.e. subtract by 2 or group into 2.

So, i had him break out the cubes in sets of 2. We counted that there were 3 sets and the answer hence.

We also have explored the entire division (by 2) table. I noticed N didn't need to use the cubes to solve the rest of the equations.

He was able to complete the entire division by 2 table without any help nor visual aids. :)

I have yet figure out how he calculates the equation in his head. He could have remembered that i told him division is the opposite of multiplication and he calculated the reverse in his head. *shrug* I have no clue!

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