Saturday, October 1, 2011


Our visits to the library have been a little challenging these days. Nope, it's not like i have to drag him there- he looks forwards to every trip there. But now that the boy is older, he wants to choose his own books.

With both mother and son putting our desired books in the bag, we usually end up with an overwhelming pile of books to borrow. Not an issue, you say? It is, if we can only borrow a limited number of books- we're already utilising my card as well. So i would inspect every book he puts in the bag- to see if it's worth borrowing. It is funny because, my mom, who accompanies us to the library, knows the drill. Whatever books N put in the bag, she would take them out and let me see. With a nod, she'd put the books back and with a frown, she'd secretly return them without N's knowing. :P

Anyway, i digress. During our last visit to the library, he picked out a book on his own and i thought it was just apt for our Language week. This book taught us what Homophones are. N now knows that Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelled & used differently

The two homophones we read up are 'where' and 'wear'. I would read the book without N looking at the pages, and ask him is it 'Where' or 'Wear'. It was pretty fun and actually interesting to see if he knows which was the appropriate word.


  1. Yo I didn't even know what homophones r till I read this post!!thanks for teaching me today! :) we lOve our libraries the kids get to stand on a child's stool n borrow their own books?we do here n T loves it!!!!!

  2. Hi there!!yes I got your e-mail, I will write you! Just need 5 minutes!!!lol I'm sure you understand me!!


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