Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Questions & Answers

Someone sent me an email asking me some questions about how I started homeschooling N etc, I decided to reply her by posting my answers here (sorry it took me so long to do this!).

1) How & when did I start homeschooling N?

It all started when I made a personal quest to teach N how to read & to develop the love for reading. I did so by using Glenn Doman flashcards and I read tons of books to him when he was 5 months onwards. Subsequently both objectives were met and we were both bored. Hence, I went on a search for ideas on home activities I can do with my then 1 year old. That's when I stumbled onto a book on Montessori.

2) Why Montessori?

I find her methods very well thought and appropriate for a young toddler. I love that the child is not learning in a rigid classroom setting but gets to choose what he wants to PLAY. I say play because her activities are really like toys and just as appealing. Unknown to them, as they play, they are actually learning. I also love that it allows the child to learn at his own pace and not follow a strict schedule or time table.

3) How do I find the time to DIY my learning materials?

I mentioned earlier that in my house we run on a mundane routine. Because of that, I know exactly when my pockets of free time are. I'd make the materials when the kids are asleep or in school. Otherwise, I wait for my husband to be home. Of course, I can't finish the project in one shot, it may take some days to finish it. I also try to find the shortest, least hassle way to make the materials. Most of the time, it's just copy, cut, paste on a PC software, print, laminate & cut. The key is to plan exactly what you want to do and HOW you're going to do it before starting the project.

4) Have I started with baby doll?

At this age, I've already started with N but I'm just too tired and lackadaisical now to start with babydoll. But I've got an idea how I'm going to start, that will happen when I get my butt moving! I'll be sharing some of the stuff I'll do with her here so keep a lookout!


  1. Hi dear,
    you've won my very first giveaway! Wahaha.
    Pls email me your address so that I can send you the prize, ya?
    Thanks for taking part in this. :)

  2. Hi

    I'm so glad to have come across your blog. Your homeschooling experiences with sonshine boy is really impressive. I'm also a SAHM with a 2yo boy and your blog gave me a lot of ideas.

    Can I ask how your homeschooling lessons are organised each day? Like, do you do a bit of everything (Eng, Chi, Geog, Prac life etc)?
    I'm asking this because there seems to be so many things to do & I feel so disorganised sometimes...

    Thanks :)

  3. babes, how did you get N to recognise words?

    Lately, I haven't been preparing much materials and haven't done much. I feel so guilty. sobs. :(

  4. Great to stumble upon your blog! We're homeschooling family too, I'm Singaporean based in KL though. Son has been attending Shichida classes since 14 months old. He's turning 3 in Feb, and I'm adding Montessori components to his home learning activities too.

    Have subscribed to your posts, look forward to more sharing from you. :)
    Thank you!


  5. Phew! It's been hard to find time to come here to even reply!

    KT: thanks for visiting! Hahaha I know what you mean! I've been quite random myself! I don't have a fix blueprint on what I want to teach. Thats because I always follow N's interest, it's maths- we'll do maths! Geog? Ok lets do geog! Etc etc. Mostly it's according to the books we read. I usually decide what activities to do based on the books we read that week just to sum up what we've learnt from our reads.

    Just me: understand! Don't beat yourself over it! I say just read aloud to T as often as you can. I think reading to them is fundamental to their learning- not the activities we plan for them which I think can be quite redundant at times honestly. While N did learn how to read SOME words from flashcards, but he really learnt how to read through my read- aloud sessions with him. As I read, I point out the words and he eventually learnt. No need what phonics classes nonsense! :p

    Mievee: hi!!!!! *waves* funny coz, I've been subscribing to YOUR blog! Well, I'm no stranger to KL, my hubs from up north too! :) hmmm, I didn't know anyone can subscribe to my blog??!!

  6. Thks so much for the fast response. You have given me some direction ;) It's really mind-boggling on what to do sometimes.

    I do have another question - I've tried looking for the 'Beany' series (小豆豆) of chinese books at Popular, but couldn't find any. May I know where you bought the books?

    Thks :)

  7. Hey, ummm bought them at popular bookshop.....not sure if they still sells them?

  8. I can't stand it, I have to correct my English or rather, typo. I meant 'not sure if they still SELL them'. can't stand auto-spell sometimes!!!

  9. hi mummy

    found the Beany books at Popular - it wasn't placed at the Chinese bks section.. but at the Preschool activity bks instead.
    Great set of bks - clear illustrations & big font.

    thks :)


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