Saturday, October 8, 2011

Division by 10

To kick start this topic afresh, i used-what else, my Montessori ten beads. I chose to start with the easiest equation, which is division by 10.

I wrote the equations on cards and indicated each number in different color. First, i asked N to look at the card. I told him that this means there are 60 beads in total (blue). I asked N to take out 60 beads for me.

I pointed back to card and explained that we are to divide the beads into 10 i.e there are 10 beads in 1 set. We then counted how many sets there are- 6.
Straight away, the boy saw the connection and could divide in tens. But i still insist we continue with the demo just to make sure he really understood it.
When i was sure, i randomly asked him what 120 divide by 10 was, this time with no visual aid. He could easily tell me it was 12.

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