Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Division by 3 and 4 and....

Since he could crack the division by 2 table so fast, i went on to the next table- division by 3.

Again, i used the maths cubes but once more, he showed me he didn't need the visual aids. I took away the cubes and made him complete the set which he did with no help. It's really cute seeing him paused with each equation, i could see he was calculating in his head.

Still, not convinced that he could divide on his own, i whipped out the division by 4 cards- no problem there either. I needed more convincing so i randomly asked him what 18 divide by 9 or 14 by 7 was- he answered them correctly.

Ok, i thought i needed 10 weeks to teach him the entire division table but looks like not?
And i still don't know how he does it!


  1. He learns fast, credit to you, mommy!

    The previous floating bookfair was held on MV Dulos, this is their new MV, Logos Hope.:)

  2. Check this out mommy, there are coming to you! Voyager's schedule:



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