Monday, February 28, 2011

Learning new Mandarin words

We've been reading (and still reading) this book- i don't know why N still insist to read it nightly but it's boring me. As a follow up, i came up with this activity so that he can also revise the words he learnt. He had to match the action word to the correct body parts i.e we use our nose to smell.

I am satisfied that sonshine boy has learnt all the words in the previous book, hence we've moved on to reading this book. I like this book because we can learn new words on the household items like washing machine, air condition, shower head etc. Sonshine boy is liking this book too!

These are some of the new words sonshine boy learnt from the new book thus far.


  1. Wow... speechless, what should I say! I admire your patience and endurance of teaching your sonshine boy!

  2. ;) Thank you for lifting me up! It's passion that keeps me motivated. And hey look who's talking! You're equally (if not more) patient when comes to doing fun activities with your kids- i don't know if i've the patience to do baking with my son!


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