Monday, February 28, 2011

Capital Cities of the world

We have been reading up on capital cities of the world. As i have mentioned before, the world flags, maps and the likes always intrigue sonshine boy.

I prepared word labels on some of the capital cities we've learnt.

To make it interesting, i used world flags instead of country names. Sonshine boy had to match the various capital cities to the correct flag. He required no help from me.

Through our readings, we've also learn about some famous landmarks and where they are found. I made some word labels and he had to match them to the correct picture. I also had him match the landmarks to the country (flag) where it can be found.


  1. Wow, that's something fun and educative for your boy! kudos to mommy!

  2. I love this! Would it be okay toI borrow this idea?

  3. Sure thing! I'm sure your son will enjoy it! Have fun!

  4. Hi! I'm really interested in this... set? The pictures are great and the idea is wonderful! Where can I purchase them? Thanks!

  5. Oh dear! I'm so sorry, this has been so long ago. I cannot remember the name of the seller I bought the cards from. 😓 apologies!


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