Monday, February 28, 2011

Papa & the Moon

Sonshine boy is currently obsessed with this Eric Carle's book. Its about a girl who wanted the moon and how her papa got it for her. Just like a typical Carle's book, it has subtle science lesson in it! The kids learn that the moon 'shrinks' from a full moon till it 'disappear' and 'grow' again to a full moon. The creative lift the flap pages make the book even more interesting.

As a follow up, i prepared material on the phases on the moon. I shared with N the technical names of each phases as the 'shrinks' and as the moon 'grow'. Well, technical is the word, it was TOO technical for him. The only thing he got out from this was 'FULL MOON'.

We're still reading this book- it has been weeks (Yawn) but sonshine boy still find delight in it. After each read, i would pretend to climb up the very long ladder until i reach the moon (just like the papa in the book). And pretend to wait for the moon to get smaller so that i can take it down & pass it to N. The boy, pretends to be the girl in the book, would 'play' with the moon till it disappeared (just as the book says). He's had so much fun with this despite that we've been playing this EVERY night.
Ah, the simple pleasures of pretend play!

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