Monday, March 22, 2010

What we did today

N loves playing with the metal insets. Well mine is a cheap version thus much smaller than the real one. As i blogged earlier, i had N match the shapes to the word labels i made. Today, i also got him to match them into the insets.

(Check out the new table in his room! Its old really, it existed during daddy's bachelorhood! We wanted to throw it away but i decided to recycle it and convert to a kids table for N. I used the wall stickers and pasted them all over the table. It looks brand new doesn't it! N loves his new table, he cannot stop admiring it!)

The next thing he selected was 'Melissa & Doug' See and spell puzzle. He loves it!

And we revised on the Solar system. N could still remember each planet names.

This is probably N's all time favourite activity. I meant it to be a phonics activity but he prefers to match the word labels to the pictures. I think N enjoys matching words to pictures. Even the teacher in his school says so. This must be his sensitive period!

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