Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Phonics revisit

N is begining to talk more recently. Oh yes, just a background, N is delayed in his speech. But thank God he has started to talk just weeks back. Well, better late than never! However, his articulation is very poor. So i decided to play with him more phonics activities to help him. This week's letters are 'S' and 'm'. Instead of using pictures, i thought i should use words instead. I personally think words are better visual aids than pictures when playing this game, with the words he can see why a word say 'song' has the 'ss' sound at the begining. I deliberately chose 'm' to be the second letter because the two letters have very distinct sounds. I have been playing this with him everyday and im pleased that he is picking up the concept very well!


  1. Hi,

    just visit your blog and saw your post that your son had speech delay previously. May i ask at what age he started talking and did you do anything to encourage him to talk? Saw that you do alot of home activities with your son. Love the idea. Have try doing abit of home teaching on my own however when my son started attending childcare, he tend to fall sick easily and im tired due to it hence has stop. Are you a sahm? How do you get started? Im clueless how to get started again. Also, where you usually get the materials from?

    1. Hi Wendy!

      Thanks for dropping by! He started talking only at about 3. I think most important about home teaching is that you and your child are of the right state of mind I.e fresh not tired, excited not reluctant etc. So it's good to take break when you are feeling tired. Just resume when you feel more motivated. You want the child to enjoy learning and not face a tired mom (and later associate learning as not so fun). Usually I make my own materials coz I tend to tweak the lesson to suit my child. You can get a lot of ideas on Pinterest. By the way, I've moved my blog to :) see you there!

  2. Hi,

    Oic. Yes, i agree on that. Am working full time and gets tired easily so not able to get the right state of condition to engage my son. Have stop for some time and lately come across your blog motivates me again. You did alot of things for your son and I hope i can do it as well. Need to overcome the tiredness and trying to get more time to prepare materials. My husband have been asking me to rest more instead of spending so much time on it make me abit discourage on what im doing. You working as well? Thanks and will visit your new blog. Thanks for sharing so much.


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