Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Since we were on the topic of eggs, i thought i let N see how to spell the word, 'egg'. It is a relatively simple word to spell since it has only 2 letters ('e' & 'g'). After 2 rounds, N was able to spell the word independently. To make it simple, i only took out the 3 letters and had N arrange the words.

To my surprise, he wanted to do more word building (he normally refuse this) and kept taking out his foodie toys so that we can spell the objects. I was extremely ill prepared and had no choice but to concede to spelling more than 3 letter words. Oh well, at least N had fun with this.

Later on, just for fun, i took out another 3 letters, 'b', 'u' & 's' and placed them randomly on the floor. I asked N to build the word 'bus' which he did without any help! I was also delighted to know he could also spell the word 'sun'! Whoop, all thanks to his teacher in school!

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