Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another rambling...

Warning: this is just another rambling of mine. Nothing on my homeschool activities.

Sometimes i get really discouraged and want to give up my homeschool activities with N. See, N can't really talk yet. Well, he can but not very articulate, good enough for us, parents, to understand. The other thing is, he refuses to speak up or answer his teachers or anyone in fact, when they ask him a question. Like, pointing to a tiger, they'd ask him 'what's this?'. And he would just look at them and give them the impression that he doesn't know. Because of this, the teacher cannot really progress much with him since they have no clue what he really knows. For instance, he knows the number sequence up to 50 but he won't even count up to 10 or 5, for his teachers. So the teachers would still be teaching him 1-10 when he already is way passed that.

To be honest, i feel frustrated whenever someone, a relative or friend, asks him a friendly question but he gives them the blank expression. I cannot accept that people around thinks my son is 'not so clever afterall'. Yes, perhaps its a 'face' thing. On the other hand, i am also worried if he'd be like this all the way up to primary school. I then wonder if its really any use to teach him stuff when he won't regurgitate it out for others. But the odd thing is, he'd readily reply me and give me the correct answers. I can't be by his side 24/7 when he enters school!

Performance anxiety. That's what some friends tell me. Sometimes i wonder if its because im pushing him too hard at home? It made him feel stress and pressure such that he wont speak up for others? :(

But on a good note, he IS progressing in school. The teachers do hear his soft mumbles and have somewhat an idea what he already knows-slowly. For instance, the teacher now knows N can recognise words very well and is able to match the words to picture accurately. With that she has a plan to gradually introduce more challenging activities for him. She now also knows he can count in tens. Phew.

Maybe im stressing myself to much. Maybe im thinking ahead of myself here. I do hope one day when i look back at this entry i'd be laughing at myself for being such a silly toad.

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