Monday, October 29, 2012

English this week

I am still trying to find a rhythm in our homeschooling schedule. At first, i thought i would do a subject a day. But i realised i can't cover much per subject in a week. 15-20 minutes a day of homeschooling is barely enough for me to cover much. So i thought to try one subject a week. Last week, i made it an English week. So far so good. But, i am still unsure. I'll have to see how this week (Chinese theme) goes.
So anyway, for English, we worked on Composition, Grammar & copywork.

Composition wasn't about writing a story. I just used the above assessment workbook and let sonshine do. It's more like a close passage really. At the same time, i made him read aloud the passage (preparing him for oral, perhaps?).

Continued with our copywork from previous week.

We worked on Grammar. This week we learn about adjectives; how we use them to describe a noun. We also worked when to use 'a & an'.
On a separate note, i bought a Kingfisher dictionary for my son. It's a simple, beginner dictionary just nice for kids. I taught him how to use the dictionary. As we stumble onto new words, i would suggest looking up the word in the dictionary. One day, we came across a new word and i asked if he knew the meaning & he did! Naturally, i asked how he knew, he said 'I checked the dictionary'. Ah, what a proud moment for me!
On a haste, i went out to buy him a bigger & more detailed Webster's dictionary- also for kids. I was frustrated with the first one because we couldn't find many words in it. However, this bigger dictionary is probably still a tad pre-schooler unfriendly. The words they used to describe another word may be too difficult & sonshine wasn't as enthusiastic about checking as he was with the first. Oh well!

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