Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nikitin Material

I saw Niktitin Block game splashed all over on the Internet quite long ago but i gave no thought to it. I think only parents whose kids attend Shichida school would know about this. But recently, i was looking for some pattern block game & this came to mind. I decided to give it a try despite not knowing what exactly it is about.
This particular set is probably the easiest of the lot. There are 16 cubes in all. Each cube comes in 6 different colored sides; blue, red, yellow, white, half red-white and half blue-yellow. There are 4 levels (if memory didn't fail me) in this series. The first level, being the easiest, requires the player to use 4 cubes to build a 2-D, 2 cubes by 2 cubes model, progressing to 9 (3 by 3) cubes at the second level and 16 cubes (4 by 4) at the third. The last level requires the player to build alphabet letters using the cubes. This is the toughest level because there is no telling what framework to use.

The first level is relatively 'no sweat'. But it gets a little challenging especially when you need to use those half colored sides and when the number of cubes increases. I got visually confused (if there is such a term) as we tackle the higher levels.
But, i love it! I love the visual stimulation and challenge. This game is not meant for kids only, it is also for the young at heart. In fact, i would think its a great game for senior citizens who need some brain challenge.
I would say this series is relatively easy for the adults. With a little patience and persistence plus a little trial & error, one would be able to conquer each level. I think its particularly addictive as one clear each level, you just want to do more!
For the kids, i think its quite challenging but not impossible. Sonshine was alittle put off at the first play. I had to stack it away, out of sight, out of mind for a few weeks so that he would forget his dislike for it. :P Somehow, at the second try, he got hooked. I learnt that it is important, very important, to let the kids do the easiest first. With some encouragement and guidance, sonshine got the hang of it. Although, whenever he feels that its too difficult, he would lay back and let me do all the work.
That said, i don't think it is worth to pay SGD $70 for it. You can easily create this game at home with a little creativity, using lego bricks or colored blocks you have at home. I decided to let the money fly away because i just had no time to DIY.

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