Friday, October 12, 2012

Playtime with babydoll

Here are more activities i did with doll.
Before you throw away that empty tissue box, ask yourself if you can convert it into a plaything for the tot! It was "All things round" theme, i dumped anything with a circular shape in the box for doll to dig her puny hands in.

I made a sensory bag using zip lock bag.

The bag lasted to a ripe old age of ... 60 minutes. That's when babydoll decided it was way more fun to poke the bag with a pencil causing mini holes to appear on the bag.

Playing with big brother's marble race and watching the ball roll down the structure.

Her daily activity. The crayons and pencils are readily available and well within her reach. She goes over to the table anytime she wishes.

I thought it was time to take out my montessori kit for her. Here, she is matching the shapes. Not wanting to overwhelm her, i took out 3 shapes only.

She blew me away with this one. Her visual perception is really good. She is able to match most of the cylinders into place at one go.

 Sorting Melissa & doug shape  blocks by colors. I am pleasantly suprised she could match the colors though she tend to get confuse purple for blue.

Of course, she gets lots of nature & outdoor.

Not forgetting sand play!

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