Friday, October 12, 2012

A day at homeschool@sg

The Day in a Life link up is so inspiring that I can't help but want to join in! It is really interesting to read about how other mummies days are like! How ever similar or different our days are, we all play the same role everyday- juggling!
If you've ever wondered how my day is like, well here is a peek into my daily, mundane life.
My eyes struggle to open. Umm, yes you saw it right. I am usually up at 9am, of course by now the husband has gone off to work.
(I hereby apologise to all you moms who have to wake up even before the sun breaks. But, i beg you to consider that i've interrupted sleep for the past year (and counting). No, not a good excuse? Umm, how about that my day peaks at the second i open my eyes? No? Ok! Moving right along!)
I wash myself up before heading to sonshine's room (who is usually up before me) and order him to wash up. He does everything himself except brushing his teeth. I don't quite trust him with this task yet. If babydoll's up too, i wash her up as well.  
Sonshine dresses himself up & gets his fresh milk (which has been prepared by daddy- my hero).  Babydoll starts her day by roaming around and messing the living room. As for me, I  attempt to wake myself up with a cuppa and squeeze in some time on my ipad. When i feel  awake, i walk sluggishly to the kitchen to prepare the kids' breakfast.

Mostly it is simple bread and butter. But recently, i am trying to be alittle more hardworking. I try to make breakfast more interesting in bid to make him eat faster and more. Not that he has a liking for Hello Kitty, it just makes my morning prettier.
 While sonshine is having his breakfast and babydoll wandering around the house, i scoot back to the kitchen. This time its to prepare babydoll's lunch. This early, you say? Yes, i prepare it early so that she can have her lunch immediately after we return from school. This is my most dreaded time of the day because i got to chop, wash, scream, chop, boil etc.
After the boy is done with his milk, we would head over to the activity table. This would be our homeschool time. Babydoll sits on my left, doodling with color pencils, crayons while sonshine sits on my right working on 'mummy's work'.
When he is done with work and breakfast, he goes to the toy room and play with his lego or toys for a while. This is my chance to steal some time out- but not for long.
Sonshine's cue to dress himself up for school. He also packs his own bag and reminds me to fill his water bottle.
Off to school! I love being greeted by this row of trees. Somehow it makes my journey more lovely.

Back home! You would think i'd have the luxury to go out shopping and do the 'tai tai' thing but no. I got to rush home to feed the girl before she is due for her first nap of the day. Today, i allow myself to be a lazy mama and give her 'anything goes' lunch. If time permits, i will read to her and do a little activity with her.
 12pm -1pm
The girl takes her nap! Phew! It's my peace and quiet time. This is where i take my lunch, space out into the Internet world.
Here we go again! My day peaks back up. Back to the car and on the road. Babydoll fools around in the car while we wait for big brother.
Sonshine's back! He has a little snack before play time.
Time for his noon milk. All 3 of us adjourn to the kids room where the kids would read books or just goof around the room. Again, i space out or read books to babydoll.
A common sight  in the kids' room every noonday. By now, i am really exhuasted.
Time for sonshine to nap! WoooHOOO! Babydoll's 2nd nap coincides with his nap which means...mummy gets to catch a snooze too! HOOORAAAAH! Or its my second quiet time of the day.
5pm - 6pm
Time for me to prepare dinner. During this time one of the kids would wake up. I will spend some one on one moment with whoever wakes up first.
7pm- 8pm
Dinner time! Also, my life-time helper returns home! AAAAh, i can feel my tense body starting to relax now. Some days my sweet man would sense that i need a break so he takes me out for a cup of nice teh tarik. Otherwise, Daddy plays with the kids in the toy room while i give myself a break.
9pm- 10pm
Kids bath time, babydoll first. I read bedtime books before she crash out. By the time i am out, sonshine is done with his bath. I read to him while he drinks his 3rd cup of fresh milk of the day.
I space out. My husband space out. We crash for the day!
A good day would go by without me yelling my head off at the kids. A bad day would see me jumping at sonshine for every wrong thing he does and he shrieks & apologises in response. So before you think i have a perfect day or a super mama, well i am not. I still need to learn how to not be an angsty mother and wife. :I


  1. wow! your boy's school starts in the afternoon? And back so soon? How I wish I could get up at 9am. :) But then, I'm usually asleep by 9pm.

  2. yup! THe school has 2 sessions, one in the morn and the other in the noon. It is a 3 hour class. WOW you sleep so early! You are already zzz as i type this! LOL

    1. Coz I have to get up by 4:45am and out to work by 6am. Different lifestyle :)

  3. Hey, where did you get those Mr Potato Smiles? I've been searching high and low for those for YEARS!

  4. Lydia: :O 4:45am??? Oh my....My hats off to you!

    Cherie: years? :O lol! I bought it at Bukit timah, ntuc finest. I suppose cold storage has them too?

  5. Ok it's time for me to go to Bukit Timah! I've tried Cold Storage at United Square and Novena, even Tanglin Marketplace! Thanks so much!


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