Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our mandarin week

Last week, i didn't do any planning for babydoll. These days i am too exhausted & i just whip out household items whenever i can.
The other day, i turned over our laundry basket and gave her a packet of straws. She was kept busy with inserting the straws through the basket linings. :)

I sat her in the bumbo seat (yah, she can still fit comfortably in it) and shove her a set of stickers. She peeled off the stickers one by one and stuck them on the chair. It sure kept her quiet & contented!

As for sonshine, it was our Chinese theme week. Like always, i took out our assesment book.

He worked on comprehension. He had to read each sentence and check if they are correct by looking at the corresponding picture. (I had to read & explain some words to him)

Another new area i have started is the Chinse oral bit. He isn't very confident in speaking and let's not even talk about speaking in Mandarin! So, i think it's best i start him off now.

The theme we worked on was 'Living room'.
He learnt some key words relating to the theme.

I made this mini flap card to show him how to pair a word to other characters.

Lift the flap, you get another word with another meaning.
After he was familiar with the words, we refered back to the picture & i made him describe it using the words he learnt.
I think we did a few more workbooks, but i can't remember, :P

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