Monday, June 4, 2012

Learning Mandarin the fun way

Last week, i taught sonshine all about the 围部, well not all. But some of the words with the 围部. I thought it was an effective way to help recognise and write the words.

First, i used the mandarin kit i bought. I showed him what 围部 was.

I took out some words that are made of the symbol.

As we swop the interchangeable dominoes, i read the words out to him and explain the meaning of each words.

He learnt how to write each word on the ipad. I first write and say out the strokes as i write. He followed suit.

When i am certain that he knows the meaning/usage & strokes of each word, i have him revised the words by completing the mini exercise. (hahaha, i just realised you can't really tell which is my handwriting and which is his! Just goes to show how childish my handwriting is!)

Post note: words that he learnt 国,圆,园

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