Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time for change

Sonshine will be attending Primary school in 2 years time. So we thought it was time to teach him about change- money wise that is. I mean, he would need to buy his own meal at recess right? He needs to learn how to pay and check for change, if needed.

I didn't have a grand plan on how i wanted to teach him, i simply grabbed a few coins and the toy cash register we have. I first handed him $0.50 and said that we were going to play. He wanted to 'buy' a cup of corn and i said it would cost him $0.30. I asked if he had enough money, he checked, yes. He handed me his $0.50 and i asked if it was too much or too little or just the right amount. He acknowledged that it was too much. So i explained to him that means i would have to return to him the extra, that is $0.20 and told him how i got that amount.

With that, he took off and i didn't need to explain any further.

Subsequently, i 'tested' him and asked if i was to buy something that cost $4.10 and if i gave $5.50, how much change did i get back? He was quick to give me the answer, $1.40.

To raise the bar, i also asked him if a train cost $0.50 and i buy 5 trains, how much would it cost me in total? $2.50 was his swift reply.

Well, i guess that means i wouldn't have him coming home with less money than he should, right? :P

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  1. hi, I found your blog accidentally last few days, and have been reading all your posts. Just wanna say that you did a great job in teaching your boy. I am so amazed. I'm going to use some of your ideas for my children too.


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