Friday, June 29, 2012

Chinese books i love

I am very pleased that we have advanced in our chinese reading. We have been reading books with more words and longer paragraphs.
I am falling in love with the langauge, it has far more depth than English. I don't buy English books, i'd rather borrow. Strangely, i rather buy & keep chinese books. Like i said, i think the language is far more beautiful that the English language that it is worth hording my house with it!

So here are some good read that i would like to recommend & own:

This is a set of 15 books. I like this series because it comes with DVD showcasing all the stories in the set. The books are rather wordy so in order to keep sonshine interested, i sometimes would let him watch the DVD first then follow up with the book. Or sometimes the other way around. The great thing is that you can choose to watch the show either in English or Mandarin.

This series is originated from a a Japanese author. I love the humourous storyline! I think i bought it more for my pleasure! But i also think it is great for sonshine because the words are fairly simple and it gets repeated. I love this series so much that i bought both volume 1 AND 2! This is definately a keeper!


This is one of the better moral value books i have come across. Each book speaks about a certain value i.e manners, compassion etc. It gives detailed scenarios and what are the aceptable behaviours. I only found out that this series was translated from English- otherwise i would have purchase the English version because i find myself translating each and every sentence as i read to sonshine! Nonetheless, these are great books imparting great values to the child.

We have more books! I may add them on in another post. :)

I don't have time to make a trip downtown to get the books. So my purchases are mostly made online & I buy mainly from these sources:


  1. hi, are there proper website for the resources you buy, or you buy through facebook connection?

  2. Hi Lydia! I order from their Facebook accounts. Happy cottage also has a blogshop

    Stuff4junior book list can be found in her Facebook link. :)

  3. Hi, may I know from which source you bought the last set of moral value books from? Can't seem to find it from either.

  4. Hi pooh bear, i bought it from stuff4junior but I think she's taken this series out of her stock.


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