Monday, June 25, 2012

June Art

We drew!

We followed a step by step application on the ipad. It was very easy!

Sonshine's version.


Sonshine's cat (after adding some color; i helped him use a marker to outline his drawing too).
Maybe i am bias, but i much prefer his coloring than mine. I realised i was limited by my knowledge (i.e there's no such thing as a blue cat much less a blue headed cat with red body and yellow legs!) that i chose one color for my cat. Sonshine on the other hand, unlimited in his creativity, chose to use blue, red and yellow for his cat. Looks much more vibrant and attractive than my boring color! You want creativity? Look at your chidren's choice of colors!

He also learnt to draw a train. Again, i just love his choice of color combination!

Dinosaur! Looks poisonous!

*woof* Love love his color choices!

Can you guess what this is?

It's an army tanker. Check out the soldier!

There was once a time when sonshine was so averse to holding a pencil, let alone draw. But today, he does not hesistate to pick a pencil and even enjoyed our drawing sessions. So awesome! No one can be more pleased than me! I love to draw and an art teacher once said i was quite a cartoonist. Hope the son will pick up the love of drawing like i did. :)

l'l sister cannot resist joining in the fun! Or rather she was too jealous to let me have some alone time with big brother at the table!


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