Monday, May 28, 2012

The Journal homework

Sonshine brought back a blank jotter book from school. He had to write a journal as a holiday homework. Knowing that sonshine might have difficulty expressing his own thoughts and translating them into written words, i decided to incorporate Susan Wise's suggested activity in her book.

In the book, she suggested that the child read a passage  and have the child answer questions relating to the short story, in complete sentences. The parent/teacher then writes down his answers. The child copies what is written thereafter. I think it is a great way to give the child a visual on how his thoughts can be translated into words and then in writing.

So to guide him, I ask him simple questions, he answers in complete sentences and i write down his answers in full.
He copies his own verbal thoughts on his jotter book.

Example of questions that i ask;

me: What is today's day?
Sonshine: Today is Friday.
(i write down his answer)

me: What are you doing?
Sonshine: I am eating biscuits
(i write down his answer)

me: How are you feeling?
Sonshine: i am happy
(i write down his answer)

He copies his answers onto the book.

Questions i asked:
What is today's day?
Where did you go yesterday?

His answers:
Today is Sunday.
(Yesterday) I went to take the train.

He added on his own accord:
It was very fun.
I am happy.

I was pleasantly surprised that he added the last two sentences. More importantly, he actually used the correct tense i.e. 'went' without my prompting!

The teacher encouraged the children to draw pictures on the blank side of the book. I asked him to draw a happy face and this was his creation.
Mr Happy potato!

I love this homework! It not only helps to brush up his spoken grammar but also his writing. WOOT!

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  1. Well done, Sonshine! What a helpful way to encourage a child to express his thoughts and experiences through the written word... :)


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