Monday, September 12, 2011

Mandarin Fun

I have no time to do any home activities, let alone teach mandarin. We've stopped reading our mandarin books because i got lazy, too tired- i needed to cut short our bedtime reading so i could have more sleep.

End of school term, the boy brought back all the materials they read and did. In it, were two chinese books with small flashcards each.

First, i had him read the books to me. He did so brilliantly well- except one book (i think this was due to him missing several lessons this term).

Then, i laid down all the cards randomly on the table. He would take out the cards, as i call out for them.

The boy had no problem forming this sentence for me as i dictated as so. Although he cannot compose sentences in mandarin on his own but i am happy (for now) that he is able to recognise quite a sizable number of mandarin characters- and still remembers them!

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