Monday, September 26, 2011

Language/Handwriting week

I have been quite haphazard in my home activities so much so that it is beginning to annoy me. Hence, i decided to follow a theme each week. This allows me to be systematic and unsystematic at the same time! The themes will be like so, Language/Handwriting, Math, Cultural (Geography etc) and Bible stories. I have allowed myself to be haphazard under each theme. Heh.

This week is Language/Handwriting week and here is our first activity! I am sort of following the Montessori method to teach N handwriting. I kind of tweak it for my convenience.

Following our read on Plants & Flowers, we began to practise writing the letters that spell 'Flower'. The school has been doing a decent job in teaching N how to write. He can write more confidently & clearly. But i still want him to practise more at home.

First, N used his fingers to trace the alphabets, both capital and small letters.

Next, he traced the letters on the doodle board app on my ipad. This is akin to Montessori Sand tracing activity. I can't find enough sand, moreover, its too messy- hence.

Then he wrote the alphabets on our doodle board- the physical one that is.

He does this for both capital and small letters.

Lastly, we practise writing the whole word. I do this so that he can learn how to spell at the same time. :)

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  1. His handwriting is pretty good! Seriously Ally's handwriting still looks like chicken scratchings!


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