Friday, September 9, 2011

Every evening, papa & son will play one on one basketball. They've been tracking their scores for every game they play. Papa and son will also have a dual on the iPad, they'll compete with each other on the games and see who scores more.

Recently though, the son has been rather competitive. He seems to understand winning and losing. And of course, he wants to win. He gets really upset if daddy- which is most of the time, is winning. He would ask his big man to 'miss' a goal or two so that he can catch up. If daddy is on a winning streak, he'd start getting frantic and upset BUT still wants to play.

Its really easy to give in because we don't want the boy to get upset. But we decided against it and play fairly. We realized that if we give in to him, he might not accept being a loser later on in his life. We don't want to take the easy way out now but instead take this chance to teach him that its okay to lose a game or two. Although he still gets upset and cry, we consistently tell him that he can always try to win the next time. And when he wins, we rejoice with him and tell him that sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

I'm not telling my son not to aim low or be satisfied with being the loser. I want him to understand that sometimes in life we won't always win, sometimes we lose but it's okay. It does not mean he will lose forever. He can strive to do better the next time.

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