Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back this year, i am awed at how much you have grown & progress. Just begining this year, you were unable to speak, not even say 'mummy', but today, you can speak in sentences and ask questions. Ever since then, you constantly amazed us with the things you say & ask- and even sing!

Im truly thankful to God for you. You're indeed my little angel. I dare say, i've yet seen you throw a tantrum, in fact, i've not seen you angry. Even when you get upset, it'd take you mere minutes to self soothe & move on. You'd always wake up happy, you're constantly calm, cool and secure. I just love the way you are- you're my answered prayer!

In the coming year, may you continue to be in good health & grow in the Lord's way. May the Lord give papa & mama wisdom to raise you according to His will. I am expecting another abundant, blessed year ahead with you! Love you, my little boy.



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  2. Thanks Leptir for remembering me!! :)))


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