Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Practical Life: Chopsticks

Ok, now i am concern.

At 3 years old, N is still no where near using a pencil, not even mindless scribbling. If ever he uses a pen/pencil, he would use minimal strength and very faint lines appear on the paper. He can't draw a circle on his own either. Neither can he or (more accurately, will he) use a scissors. I won't be surprise if a 18month old kid can do better. Sigh.

That said, i think he's problem is lack of interest in using a pencil and scissors since he has no issue with his pincer grasp and other fine motor skills. Neither the teacher or i could get him interested in using these tools. He gets absolutely bored!

So this is my attempt to make him interested and also to strengthen his muscles for holding a pencil and scissors.

Transferring cotton balls with chopsticks!

This is no ordinary chopstick, its a TRAINING chopstick. Very easy to use even for a toddler, surprisingly. Of course, i HAD to get him a Thomas design because i NEED to get his interest- which i succeeded by the way!

But i was worried about presenting this activitiy to him because i knew if i didn't get him at the first touch -that was it. This will go the drain just like the pencil and scissors. My worries were unfounded! He loves it and did awesome Phew! We'll practise more and hopefully its a start to more pencil holding!


  1. Haha. My 2yo also doesn't draw/write. He has these exact same chopsticks that I bought specially for him to eat with. We have another very old one (like some poyoyo design) that he plays with instead.

    Try giving him 2 containers, one filled with water, and a sponge cut to the size of his palm, and ask him to transfer the water to the empty container, first with right hand, then with left hand. I find this works better for exercising the main hand muscles than playdoh(which he DOES NOT squeeze).

  2. omg! N also don't squeeze the playdough! Why ah? *scratch head* Thanks for the suggestion, will do that! :)

  3. Not nice to squeeze playdough? They think we crazy to ask them to do that. haha.

    I learnt that from a montessori group that I visited. But it was slightly different. It was a pouring activity. The sponge was there for them to mop up the spills and squeeze back into the jar, if there are any spills. Then I got a "lightbulb" moment. ;D

  4. Hey, don't worry too much about that. My eldest held a pencil with minimal strength too until he was 3-4 years old. Now at 5 he's writing perfectly well.

    BTW, congratulations to you for your no.2! :)

  5. Ing! thank YOU! I am encouraged and optimistic! Your elder one can draw very well too!


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