Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Loving Malay

I bought this set of Malay books for N when he was younger. It was meant for daddy and son to bond over books. My husband is not a book reader hence it is hard to get him to read to our boy. But ah! He is the only one who knows Malay, he has no choice but to read!

The books didn't hit well with both father & son until recently. N drew the books from our shelf and asked daddy to read to him. They have been reading for several nights now and having a whale of a time. The kid loves daddy's animated reading and is constantly grining from ear to ear as daddy reads. I just love watching the small man sitting on the big man, and listening intently as daddy reads.

As a bonus, N also picked up malay just by reading these books. We can sometimes hear him recite the book on his own. He would also sometimes run to me and yell 'IBU!' (mother for malay). Hopefully, N can pick up this as his third language from daddy!

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  1. i'll teach him du-ate (money)(dont' know how to spell!). lol!

    btw, just started my own blog about T!

    here it is


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