Friday, January 22, 2010

Phonics again

I think i am ready to throw in the towel. This phonics thing is really getting more odd to me. I mean, i (and many in my generation) never learn phonics but i dare say i know how to read! I was never taught what sound 'a' or 'g' makes but i figured it out along the way as i read and learnt more words. I mean its common sense right? Moreover, the english language can be very tricky (and weird at times). For instance, the letter 'a' can say 'ah' or put it with another set of letters, it would sound as 'air' or it could be just 'er' or simply 'a'. Now, tell me, how are you going to explain that to a child? The poor fellow will be so confused! Phonics is too technical! Unless you are an English teacher or something, no one learns English that way! I think the best way to teach english is to read more books, listen to (or perhaps even watch) good english programs. So yeah, i am pretty much done with this phonics thing. Actually, i never meant to start it. I just happened to play a phonics dvd (which was lent to me) with no intention for him to learn. So goodbye phonics...i think im quite done with you.

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