Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Color Box

This montessori color box was selling at a cheap price $39 SGD. I thought it was a steal & reckoned if i DIY it would cost more, so i happily snapped it up. Only to find that i could've downloaded this activity for free! DuH! Oh well, its always better to have a set you call your own. So what's the aim of this game? It comes in 9 sets of colors, and in each set there are different hues of the color; ranging from darkest to the lightest. The child is to arrange the tablets in order from darkest to lightest. This exposes to the child that each color can come in different shades. Its suppose to help in art (in future) indirectly.


  1. hihi, i just discovered ur terrific blog today! ive been on it for 3 hours!!! u r amazing! seriously! btw, can i ask where do u get ur montessori materials from? tia! God bless!

  2. 3 hours? you're kidding! You made me looked through my blog! LOL. Thank you for your compliments, im humbled! Hey, i think i visited your blog before....were you featured in YP magazine?

    Montessori materials- i ordered from Singapore motherhood forum BP. But here is a another alternative place you can buy i bought the color box from her!


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