Saturday, January 9, 2010

A List

I would like to record down what N already knows here so that when i look back by end 2010, i would know how much knowledge skills he has aqquired. Also, i get a visual idea of what areas i should focus more on this year.
Practical Life
- Pouring (but still needs to brush up pouring water)
- Scooping
- threading
Areas that need to improve
- putting on shoes
- buttoning
- sweeping
I have to say, N's still need alot of improvement in this aspect. He still needs alot of help!
- knows the alphabets (but im not sure if he knows the order)
- knows phonics in his head but have problems producing the sounds verbally
- can recognise English and Mandarin words; can read simple sentences in both languages
- knows the order from 0-50
- can verbally count from 1-20 but not articulate
- knows 1-10 in mandarin
post note: just recently discovered that he can also count backwards from 10 - 1
- can do the counters activity but needs me to count aloud for him for numbers 7 onwards.
- knows geometric solids & the names
- knows comparisons like biggest, smallest, tallest, shortest, thickest & thinest, darkest, lightest in english & mandarin. Can also recognise these words in both languages.
- knows 9 colors
- knows about 8 or more shapes
- can sort objects by colors and shapes
- can do pattern sequence
- can identify ocuppations, sports and balls
- can identify animal sounds
- knows the solar system and its order
- knows the world continents
- can identify China, japan, indonesia, india on my DIY asia map (not sure if he can recognise it on a proper map)
- can indentify world flags and match it to the countries
It looks clear to me that i need to practise his life skills more. Right now there are some things he shoud be doing on his own but im still doing it for him. Im not sure where can i go forth from the mathematics and language aspect. I dont want to go on further too fast but yet i dont want him to be bored with the same topics.

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