Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Asia Map revamp!

I realised the map i made wasn't condusive for the boy. The word labels were too big to fit into the some of the countries. I used some toothpicks & blue tag to remake the labels so that N can place them exactly at the right spot! So far he's learnt where China, India, thailand, philippines, japan, indonesia & south korea, sri lanka are. I need to speed up, i have not made the rest yet!


  1. Hi, I found your blog today and love it! I've been reading it today, bottom up :) My daughter is a few months younger than your son, but I didn't started Montessori for her until she was 3. I feel I wasted so much time.... but anyhow I'm trying to catch up :)

    I just got a big foam floor size world map puzzle and started teaching her about different continents/countries. Eventually I want to introduce flags. Your idea of using toothpicks is wonderful. I just don't know what "blue tag" is? Where can I buy it? Does it get dry out overtime? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello!! Wow I'm humbled! :) oh I meant blue 'tack' you know those you stick behind posters/board to stick on the wall? No it doesnt harden... I think you can get it at any stationary shops. Well, better to start now then never I say! Your girl's blessed to have you teaching her! :)


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