Saturday, January 23, 2010

He can Spell?

N's montessori teacher said that the only activity that can keep him focus is the moveable alphabet. So she's been doing this with him for the past few lessons. She commented that he is 'already very good' for his age.
I could watch N over the school's monitor and saw how engrossed he was with this game. His classmate first chose the activity (using moveable alphabet to play phonics game) and after wandering up and down the shelf for some time he decided to do the same activity. I could see that his classmate was alittle dreamy and her mat had only a few letters when N joined her. After some time, N's mat was filled with the alphabets while his classmates didn't seem to have progressed (from what i can see from the video).
His teacher said that while N could not decipher the letters when presented with the object say, 'bag' but he could pick up the correct letters if she slowly sound out the word for him like so, 'ber (for b)- air (a)- ger (g)'.
I was excited to witness and receive the feedback. Because this meant that his phonics learning has gone up another level. He must, and i hope, figured by now that he could spell out words using phonics. Oh well, does that mean i should not give up on this phonics business?

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