Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This is gonna be a boring post. But, oh well.
Here are the workbooks that i heavily rely on daily. I do have more but these are the ones i use more often. Most, or maybe all of them can be purchased at Popular bookstore.
I have mentioned earlier, sonshine's grammar is not that great. So i purchased a couple of workbooks that focus particularly on Grammar.
I use the above books as my teaching guide. I needed some structure on my lessons but don't have time to plan so i depend on these books.
For mandarin, i am slacking alot, it doesn't help that i keep falling back on the enrichment class. But then, i know i can't entirely depend on them; some revision is still required. So, i am considering to pull him out.

Anyway, i've been working on his Chinese writing. Getting him to write common words and gradually into sentences.
I'm also gonna work on his spoken Mandarin with my very broken Mandarin. I've ordered this book to kick start. I use this book (which i borrowed from the library) to role play with sonshine what are the basics thing to say in Mandarin.
As for Maths. I am not starting any new topics for him because i realised he is at around Primary 2 level. If i want to start a new topic, it means i've to cross over to Primary 3 level which i am quite reluctant. So i used the above books as a revision. Also to spot check to see if he still has his mojo going- so far so good. One of the areas i am focusing on is, Word problems. I use Kumon workbooks for this.
OH! We did dabble in a new topic recently though; substracting in 3 digits. i.e borrowing from the hundreds column. I used my beloved Montessori kit to teach him.
I prepared some of my own worksheets for him to do without the Montessori aids.
So there. These are a few of my favourite workbooks. :)


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I was eagerly awaiting for this post! ;)

  2. hahaha! I hope i didn't dissapoint you! Nothing much to share about actually! :)

  3. How did you find the First Language Lessons? Is it worth purchasing online cos I don't think it's available in Popular? I've read the reviews online but wanted to hear from someone locally who has actually used it.


  4. The lessons are very slow. But that said, it is very structured & takes a step at a time. So the lessons are very 'lor sor' but that means the foundation is built very firmly. It takes it's time to teach, makes sure the student learns everything before moving on to the next level- there's no rush. I think singaporeans are too impatient for this book. We tend to want to reach the end fast. I don't like the "lor sor-ness" but I like the recommendations on how to teach a certain topic (cause sometimes I've no clue). If you are a typical Singaporean, I say don't get this book. Our local textbooks are actually quite good in my opinion. :D

  5. Thanks for your insight! I'm not a Singaporean but had to deal with the local education system given that my daughter is going to Primary 1 next year. Any recommendations for Composition? The Learning English Workbook you posted have a section on Composition, but I'm not sure if that's what they do in Primary 1 here? I've heard horror stories of having a P1 write a story (6-7 sentences) independently just by looking at a picture.

  6. I bought that book because of the first page for compo, lol! Umm, I'm really not sure about the composition standard for P1 here. But I was told that P1 students are expected to do simple composition, I think made up of a few simple sentences....and I have no doubt about the 'horror story' you heard. I believe it's true but it varies from school to school- I think?


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