Tuesday, September 18, 2012


We had a bit of spare time before her nap today, so i decided to give her some sensory play- with paint!
I poured some (washable-of course) paint on a tray and gave her a paint brush.
She was cautious at first, just doodling with the brush. But the moment i threw an ice, yes ice, in the tray, her fingers dived right in for the colored ice.
And then she got really friendly with Mr paint, while mummy was cringing and trying very, very, very hard not to be bothered by the mounting mess.
And then she got so chummy with Mr Paint, she decides to smear her arms with it. Meanwhile, mummy's face became more crumpled as she stifles a "aaaAAAAaaaahhhhh...noOOooooOOooooOOoo!!" 
Really enjoyed herself all at the expense of mummy. At least this mom had the wisdom to do this while big brother was at school. Otherwise she would end up with twice the mess!
And then doll decides to walk around the house with her newly painted blue arms. That's when mom said 'Show's over honey!'.
Curtain closed!

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