Sunday, September 30, 2012

In this week's news....

These were what we have been doing for the past week:
For the past few weeks, we have been working on Personal Pronouns i.e 'I vs you', 'We vs they', 'He, she, it, vs we/they' and 'am vs are', 'is vs are'.  

I also threw in another exercise on how & when to use 'who'. Actually, i don't really teach him, i just make him do! LOL.
We did some Word Problems. An example of the questions we have been focusing on is "Lisa has 10 eggs. Eliza has 2 less/more eggs than Lisa. How many eggs does Eliza have?"
 (I usually toggle between Kumon grade 1-3, the difference is not the type of questions asked but usually is doing the operation within the ones, tens or hundreds unit. I don't need him to practise his operations (i.e add/subtract) so i usually let him do grade 1 or 2 just to expose him to the type of questions. I don't want him to spend too much time on adding/subtracting.)
On a separate note, I saw the following word problem on another blog & on a whim, i asked him to solve it:
Jars A and B have 12 cookies each. There are 14 fewer cookies in jar C than jars A and B together.
a) How many cookies are there in jar A and jar B altogether?
b) How many cookies are there in jar C?
He did this quite mentally, just by reading it off from my ipad. Without telling me the answer for a), he straight away told me '10!'. Well, okay, son. Now i know you know.
I made him practise writing using the newly bought assessment book i bought. The words he learnt to write were '他,也'.  

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