Friday, June 17, 2011

This is how i do it...

Taking care of 2 kids on my own is insane. If there's any mother who is thinking of doing the same, i'll tell them 'dont be kay kiang (ambitious)!'. Get help, or get rid of the older kid (send to childcare)!

That said, it is not impossible. With alittle planning and foresight, one can get by the day with chores complete and even catch an afternoon nap (and blogging, tee hee hee)! But it is definitely not for everyone!

So it's the holidays and it seems to be tougher to manage since sonshine boy is home all day. BUt surprisingly, it isnt that bad. I can't believe we're almost done with the holidays- how did i even get by?

Let the boy play Noddy Fun. Good thing is he is quite independent. I don't have to play with him

Noddy fun consist of many different books with varying themes from Maths to Colors etc. So, it's enough to go around to entertain the boy

And play logico! The boy is getting a hang of this. He is able to figure out the question (its all in mandarin even i have difficulty reading them!) without any explanation from me. It's another educational game he can play independently!

And here is our favourite! I bought this CD-ROM for him to play on the puter. The good thing was he has been trained to use the mouse pad and mouse and can play without much help. The other great thing (for me) is he's able to understand the instructions and can pretty much play on his own.

These are my secret weapons to entertain the boy while im busy nursing the girl! And let's not forget the television of course!


  1. It gets better as the kids get older, the first few months are tough but hang in there. Now Ally and Max can play on their own and they make up really funny games. Very cute to watch

  2. ah i hope so! Im thinking positive!


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