Saturday, June 25, 2011

Multiply with coins

Although sonshine boy can count and do mental sums by multiples, he still doesn't know how to form its equations.

So i came up with this activity to show just that! I took a couple of 5 & 10 cents coin. First, i laid down 2 5cents coin and asked the boy how many coins there were and how much were each coin. I wrote his answers on the paper, and showed him that 2 coins X 5 cents makes 10 cents. I continued to show him with varying combinations of the 5 and 10 cents. He seems to understand as he was able to form the multiplication equation on his own ( the last one).

Since i had the coins, i also took the opportunity to show him that 2 5cents coin is the same as 1 10cents coin. We played an exchange game. I gave him say 4 5cents coins and ask him to give me the same value in 10cents. No sweat!

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