Sunday, June 26, 2011

Non Fiction Mandarin books

I love to read. But i tend to read fiction books and steer away from non-fiction books. Perhaps that is why im more dreamy than knowledgeable!

Anyway, i don't want my kids to be like me, i much prefer them to read a wide variation of books including non-fiction. That's why i make an effort to pick up not just story books but also General knowledge type of books for Sonshine boy. I think it's working, the boy has no qualms about reading either type of books.

We've been reading mandarin storybooks but rarely non-fiction types. I saw these books from online and thought it was apt for the boy! It's non-fiction and its in mandarin! Usually, i would be slow to purchase books since the boy can read quite alot and it's senseless to keep buying & buying. But i rarely find these types of mandarin books in the library so i decided to invest and keep it for the little one!

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