Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby Doll has started!

Obviously, i can't quite teach Babydoll anything, she's still an infant. But we've made a simple step.

I've been doing Glenn Doman flashcards. At this point, it's not about teaching her how to read. I just want her to be familiar with the flashcard routine and also to learn how to focus on the cards.

And we read of course! I only started now because i was waiting for her to be interested and i was procrastinating actually. Some time back, my mother read to a her book and i knew she was ready from the way she was looking at it. That's why our library bag is way heavier than ever before!


  1. that's exciting! babes, where did you get the Glen Doman flashcards from? xoxo.

  2. Hahaha not so exciting this time round, no1 wore out all my enthusiasm! The cards, it's one of those numerous things that I got from my sister. I'm not so sure where to buy them actually.....

  3. Forgot to add that my sis bought it from a second owner. You may want to look it up at eBay?


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