Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Down under


I participated in my very first giveaway at About a girl and won!

What did i win?

A set of Montessori Nomenclature cards on Australia. It was perfectly prepared by her! It came just at the right time! I haven't had time to make or plan anything for the boy but these cards made it really easy for me! I just had to print, laminate and cut!
The boy was super elated to see new cards and was eager to play with them. It made me both happy- that he still enjoys learning and sad- it shows how much he yearns to learn but i just don't have the time! :(

We learnt the various landmarks, things & people we can find in Australia. From these cards, N has discovered that Sydney Opera house, great barrier reef, 12 apostles etc can be found in Australia!

We also learn which animals live in Australia

I made this set of cards, solely inspired by the cards i won. Its the map of Australia, divided into different states. N did it only once and could remember every state without checking the answers!

I also went on a hunt in my house to find things relating to Australia to show N. There's the flag, Kangaroo, cockatoo, sheep, koala bear, Sydney magnets, a didgeridoo (made by N during his Holiday art class) and my fav, a Qantas aeroplane model!

Sonshine boy had lots of fun exploring the cards and he's been asking to play with them over and over again. I've also summarized what we learn by asking him what are landmarks, things, animals we can find in Australia.


  1. Wow! I'm so happy your son is getting so much enjoyment out of the cards!! Thank you for the link as well.
    I LOVE your states of Australia cards and wanted to do something similar but didn't have the time. Would you like to do a swap? I could send you my next set of cards for Antarctica when they are ready in exchange for your cards?

  2. Oh! I can send it over, no need for swap! :) coz I'm already very grateful for your cards! But do bear with me, I don't quite have time to go to my laptop (typing this on iPad). But I'll send it over as soon as I can yah? :))


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