Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adding in multiples

The other day a friend teasingly asked his 2 year old daughter what 1+2+3 was and if she gave him the right answer, he would give in to her request. That prompted me to ask the same question to Sonshine boy. I wanted to see if he knew how to add this type of equation.

I was expecting him to say 'Don't know' since i haven't quite taught him how to do it. But he, quite quickly, answered, '6!'. No fingers, no calculator, no paper & pen, no nothing. All added in his brain. That spurred me on to whack him more equations, and he was equally quick to give me the right answers. I also tried giving him similar subtraction questions- no issues there either! The odd thing is, the boy enjoys these questions and kept asking for more. AH! My little maths whiz!

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