Friday, May 20, 2011

We Play!

I think my best buy this month must be the roll of paper i bought from Ikea. We've been doodling, drawing on it since and it has been nothing short of FUN! I should have bought it earlier!

I taught Sonshine boy how to draw a face. Actually, i was secretly trying to get him practise his pencil grip. First, i took a rim of sticky tape and traced a circle.

And i add the eyes, nose, mouth. I had the boy to follow suit.

Tada! His own version! He was hooked and went on to draw the entire family, from mama & papa, to grandparents and even the confinement lady! :D

It was not only fun, but it was also an indirect way of making the boy practise his pencil grip. Using the rim of sticky tape to trace the circle was another way to practise his handwriting.

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