Tuesday, May 17, 2011

'Sew' in Love

Ok, this is a homeschool blog but i cannot resist sharing my latest project!

Inspired by 2monkeysgems i too decided to sew a dress for my baby girl!  

I DID IT! I finally bought the cloth and cut out the pattern...would i be able to complete it? That's the question!

I surprise myself! I haven't touch a sewing machine since Secondary school but i managed! Well, the hems were badly sewn...oh well, a pat on my back for my first attempt! As a friend said, the dress is so apt for Christmas! Well, that's if the stitches stay intact by then!

Im such a muddlehead! I forgot to save the free dress pattern on my favourites and i completely lost the link! :( I'm so sorry! If you're the blog owner, or know where i got it from, please please please let me know and i'll give the due credit! I AM SO SORRY! :(

Found it! Here's the link to the free pattern and step by step guide

Made by Petchy


  1. Congratulations!!! Now your Sonshine has a baby sister to play with. Lovely dress you've sewn for her! :)

  2. Clap clap! Well done! The dress looks pretty! :)

  3. Well done! Give yourself a big pat on the back. I have another pattern for you if you like :)


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