Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of Term review

To mark the end of another term, i had a meet up with Sonshine's teachers- it was also my first since he started attending this school. I was eager to listen to what they have to say about him.

Both teachers agreed that the boy has an innate personality and very much prefers to keep things to himself. He rarely initiate contact with his peers nor his teachers but would respond promptly when approached. However, he is happy in school, always flashing his big bright smile to his teachers.

They pointed out that he is also behind in his fine motor skills and how he dislikes writing, tracing and coloring. He has to be encouraged to color otherwise, he would leave a couple of strokes and hand up. However, there is a marked improvement in this area from the time he first joined- and the teachers say that's what was more important.

He is quick to pick up concepts and has no problems in his work.  He is equally quick in passing up his work, says his Mandarin teacher, and sometimes causing his peers to be distracted (since he gets to play first). I asked if his speed affected the quality of his work- to which the teacher replied that his work is always correct (other than those that require tracing and coloring of course). His form teacher shared the same, that he is eager to pass up his work- not to be the first in the class, but because he wants to read his books after he is done.

What was amusing to me was, both said he tend to look distracted in class and appears to be not focusing on the lesson at hand. When that happens, they would deliberately pick him out and ask him a question to which he always replies correctly! So they concluded despite not keeping his eye on the teacher, he is paying attention with his ears!

The Chinese teacher shared one time, she was reviewing with the class on some of the words they learn. When she asked the class to read the words, none of the kids seem to remember. Sonshine boy was looking down as if avoiding eye contact with her, so she singled him out and asked him if he remembered the words. To her surprise, he promptly read out the words to her. Ah, that's my boy!

Overall, he has no behavioural issues. The teacher said he is able to share toys with his friends, doesn't snatch, in other words, he is able to play harmoniously alongside with his classmates.

Well, i was expecting these feedback especially on his writing and social skills. However, i think what's important is that he has improved and not compare him against his peers. I am just happy he is no trouble maker, enjoys school and is not bored in school.

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  1. LOL, your boy can gang with my girl liao, both reacted almost the same in class! My girl too hardly pay attention to teacher's teaching, sometimes I suspect she got her teacher's answer correctly bacause we hv reviced with her umpteem times... not tht she really concentrate at school!>_<


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