Thursday, April 7, 2011

Multiply with thy fingers

The boy is showing that he understands multiplication concept and can skip count with ease. Hence i decided to move on to teach him how to multiply just using his fingers.

I would call out an equation that he is familiar with say i.e. 4X2 and ask him what it means. He'd be able to tell me that it means he has to count in twos. I then stick out 4 fingers and count in 2s as i point to each finger to get the answer 8.

Now and then we would play this game with various times table. He would calculate the answer himself using his own fingers. I'm hoping as we play this game more often he'd gradually remember the equations and need not use his fingers to calculate. Practice makes it perfect!

The boy declares 'multiplication is easy! I like!'


  1. He sure is a fast learner, proud of him!:)

  2. awww alice you're ever so sweeeet! MUUUAAAKS!


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